Medical Software Review – WebPT

Are you a Physical Therapist in search of medical software that solves all your Practice Management issues?


You can wave goodbye to your worries with WebPT therapy software. WebPT is a physical therapy electronic medical record (EMR) solution designed for physical, speech and occupational therapists to manage wide range of clinical and administrative processes. It allows easy documentation, billing and scheduling of patients that improves the overall performance rehabilitation therapists.

Being a web-based solution, it provides convenient accessibility at any point in time, no matter where you are. WebPT can be used through any web-enabled device including smartphones, iPads and Mac; there is no need of investing in any hardware or software nor does it requires a server or backups.

Whether you are a private practitioner, multiple clinics organization or run an entire rehabilitation hospital, WebPT is scalable enough to prove to be your ultimate solution for handling all your administrative tasks efficiently so that you can provide quality care to your patients. Thousands of clinicians, therapists, and hospitals are using it across US and Canada.

This article presents a medical software review on WebPT that can help you gain a better understanding of the software’s functionality and performance.


Some key features of WebPT are as follows:

  • Documentation and Clinical Notes: WebPT understands the importance of clinical notes especially, when a therapist is seeing patients multiple times for assessment, exercise, evaluation and re-evaluation. Hence, it makes notes and creates digital workflow of every detail of the patient.
  • Billing and Invoice: The software allows you to do in-house billing and invoicing. WebPT has various financial reporting tools that can help you keep a track of your, receivable, claim status, invoice, etc.
  • Admission and Appointment Management: WebPT works like your personal assistant in managing your patients. It records the details of new patients and gives appointments to patients based on your work schedule.
  • Practice Management: Various practice management tools aid in smooth running of work. These tools include WebPT alerts, reports and eDocs that enables external uploading of documents to patients’ files such as old medical reports, x-rays, CT scan, etc. The practice management tools provide a complete picture of patient’s case.


According to a number of medical software reviews, WebPT has gained mixed reviews on its performance. Some users have shown great satisfaction with the results of the software whereas some have shared the product’s shortcomings in fulfilling their requirements. Hence, there are certain pros and cons of the software.

Users largely appreciated the software, which proves to be a great solution for physical practitioners, and described it being highly user-friendly. The biggest plus that the users saw in the software was its time efficiency; the software really saves a lot of time with its easy automated documentation and billing feature which tends to be very time consuming otherwise. The customer service and technical assistance was also rated favorably.

On the downside of the software, users found WebPT not suitable for specialized practices, as it does not allow deleting the codes that are of no use. Some users complained that the software is not that scalable; it needs upgrade if your practice is increasing, which means additional cost. Moreover, users have reported to have faced system hangs that was very inconvenient at times.

All in all, WebPT is a good initiative taken by the physical practitioners that provide a one-stop solution to various types of practice management issues.


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